Family Stories

I kind of feel like photographers have the biggest extended families in all of the world. Well, maybe doctors and nurses feel this way too, but I swear that the families I photograph become part of my extended family for life. Especially if I see them for all their big moments. I use my eyes, heart and soul to create emotional keepsakes for families, that they might not even see the true value of, until years from now. I leave a piece of me with them. And it feels so good to be a part of it all. As "my extended family" grows each year, I cant feel anything but happy to be a part of so many lives.

Okay yes that was sappy but it is 10000% truth. I just visited this sweet family for an in-home session celebrating the birth of their third child, Mr. Baby Brooks. I also saw them when Miss Peyton was born too. It's so nice to just chill out with families and pull little pieces of their daily life into my camera so that I can artfully give them back their story for the future. It's kind of magical.