Wake up, it's spring!

This winter was tough. Who am I kidding? EVERY winter is tough for me. It’s a New Jersey thing! When I can’t go out and create…… I go out and shop. And it’s awful! I have so many little tchotchkes. I never want to spend a lot so I tend to choose small cheap housewares to brighten my home. But then I look around and I am overwhelmed with crap! Lol They say knowing is half the battle so, at least I clearly see why I have a “stuff” problem. All this goes on while I dream of minimalism. It’s ridiculous, I know!! But now that warmer weather is here, I am spring cleaning my home and getting ready to get out and shoot instead of shop. Yay! Thank goodness. If any of y’all are having a yard sale this spring, please invite me to come sell my stuff with you??!! Lol Please! 

I’ve been driving around scouting for some spring locations for us. So far, the peaches are blooming and the pear trees (I think that’s what they are??) The peaches are glorious! The apples are still bare but I have a feeling it won’t be long. So if you are ready, send me an email! I have only 7 weeks left until I head to Ohio to see my daughter. 

The incredible family below has been with me for years and years! I did their “Tea for TWO” when these doll baby twins were just turning two years old. And I have seen them every year since then! I love when clients become dear friends. Thank you, S family, I love you guys! I have to say this session is one of my all time favorites. The imagery is everything I dream about: Light, love and art.