A Photo Shoot at Your Home

Where are my fellow homebodies at!?? I know I am not the only one who loves making a house a home. (Big HGTV fan right here!!!) If you are one of those people in New Jersey who loves their home, then why not think about having a photo shoot at your house? You’ve chosen color palettes, you’ve painted your walls, you’ve curated the most incredible home decor, you’ve planted flowers and cut your lawn in a perfect criss cross pattern…. Why not show it all off!

Lifestyle family photo shoots at your home are relaxed, emotive, moody but in beautiful way, and so much fun. They capture the season of life you are in exactly how it is. Plan on baking cookies, swinging on your porch swing or taking a walk. You can have a treat and include your family pets! I’ll be a fly on the wall to artfully capture it all. And these NJ family photo sessions are perfect for creating a custom photo album that will become your child’s favorite picture story book. 

Every gorgeous image below for this first birthday photo shoot was made at the home of this stunning family.