Welcome Bebe Q

Mid-June already?? Whaaaat! I just got back to Swedesboro New Jersey from Lima Ohio. I’ve been blessed again to be a Lala to the most adorable and precious tiny humans. It’s the most incredible gift ever. But wow, two babies are hard work! Haha! I only picked up my camera for about an hour in the whole three weeks I was there. Gah! But I read “Who Lives on the Farm” book 100,000 times and surely I know it by heart now lol. I wanted to capture every moment but I also wanted to soak it all up and think about nothing but those two squishy lovable babies.

In the few minutes I had a camera in my hand, I got these images. I know my daughter wasn’t feeling great postpartum but I made her throw on the maternity dress she still had from my first grandson’s maternity shoot. This is her back yard!!! Ummm… how lucky! Many years from now, she’ll thank me for these little moments. M reaching for Q’s tiny hands and toes, M running wild while Q was earthside for only a couple weeks…. One year from now, the two of them will be running all over and I won’t be able to keep up! Lol 

I know sometimes it’s a struggle to get all dressed up and gather the family and make it to a photo shoot, but really, it’s a better gift than anything you can buy in a store. I promise. The power of a moment often comes later. I say it often because it’s true. It’s worth whatever it takes.