Happy Spring!

My daughter and grandson moved to Ohio. My grandson was born almost one year ago and I’ve now watched a year of him growing from a FaceTime screen. It is heart-wrenching most of the time because I really want to hold him and hug my daughter every day. But I thank God for FaceTime because in a strange and futuristic way, I did get to see my grandbebe grow up before my eyes. Short of a few visits in real life, my relationship with them is all screen time. I cherish the dark and blurry screen shots I took while we were talking on FaceTime and all the photos she sent me from her phone. 

We aren’t lucky in the way that some of you are. If you have your family right there with you in your arms, that’s something that I want to help you celebrate. More than ever I know the value of family and capturing these moments because they are all the best things we have in this crazy world. Life, love and art. My most favorite things and I get to share and create with you! How thankful I am for that. If you pick out a wardrobe and shoot me an email, we can make a date to create your family's story this spring. 

I’ll be away for most of June to welcome my second grandson to the world!! Eeeeeeee! But then I will open up more summer sessions for you. Ahhh! Thank you for being here with me on this journey!  

Throwing it wayyy back to this gorgeous shoot with the cutest family at a blooming spring garden center. I love flowers, I love warm days, I love light flowy dresses, and I love the promise that spring brings for all of us.