What does a 6 month old baby’s outdoor photo shoot look like?

How is everyone doing out there? I’ve been thinking a lot about these tough times we are having. Family photos are a luxury for sure, and luxuries are certainly on the back burner for a lot of us. The thing is, our families are still growing and still thriving with togetherness. There’s no reason to stop capturing those moments because the outside world is a “bit” crazy right now. So, here’s what I am thinking, if you have been putting off a family photo session because your budget is stretched too thin, then let’s talk. I am thinking about doing some mini sessions this season, what do you think? 

The adorable little guy in these family photos is my great nephew! Isn’t he a doll baby! I absolutely love that we turned this 6 month baby photo shoot into a big family production. Haha! We had my brother (baby’s grand-dude) my sister-in law and all her kiddos, the baby’s uncle, my nephew and my lovely niece-in-law and course the star of the show, my great nephew baby blue eyes. The behind the scenes are so great! I included a collage of our adventures of a family photo shoot at Tall Pines Preserve in Sewell NJ. I always say the more hands on deck the better!!