Resetting to Zero??

Recently I read a piece of advice that I have not been able to stop thinking about . Since my goal now and for the rest of my life is to live minimally, I have been obsessed with this new thought. To quote the article, “Clear the clutter and reset to zero.” I guess my brain really takes this literally. Like ZERO. Zero is like, house burned down kind of reset! Zero is estate sale, earthquake, armageddon style reset! Yet, doesn’t it feel kinda exciting?? Impractical as hell and completely catastrophic in all honesty but refreshing as well, right? I see it like this: all your mistakes get to be erased and you get to rebuild with all the lessons you’ve learned in life. Sounds kinda good to me… Man ohh man, if I got to re-do all my home designs and my whole closet and my studio and my life, I’d take the chance. Sorry not sorry! So how does one honestly reset to zero without gasoline and a match? 

Personally, I think the hardest thing about purging your home is the thought of the monitory loss you will experience. I mean, I could fit the things I really want to keep in just two rubbermaid totes and fly away. (I guess this is a bit of a trauma response to my former life, yes.) I have spent thousands of dollars on studio props, trendy clothes that I thought I liked, furniture that no longer suits my needs, books and books and books that are sooo heavy I can’t keep dragging them all around my nomad life. Oh jeez and tchotchkes out the wazoo! Hahaha… 

This whole “reset to zero” has my gears turning… I have to face the monitory loss and realize that a simpler life is worth all the money in the world to me. Being able to travel and feeling light as a feather is priceless. Stuff used to be what “filled the canyons in my soul.” But I am not her anymore. Cliché, but I have learned so much about life and love and what truly matters. Unconsciously I think I have been morphing my life to be more nomadic. I have been considering only shooting outdoors and selling my studio equipment. I have been donating housewares and clothes to shelters (since I was displaced 3 years ago and had no where to store my things.) I currently live in a beautiful two bedroom apartment with everything I own in the world in just two rooms, and guess what? It is still too much for me! I want less, I crave less, I need simple, fresh, clean and alive! Does this resonate with anyone else? Let me know if you can relate or if you have actually had a reset of your own. 

When I look at the photo shoots I did from the last couple years, there is one common thought…. “All you need is love.” It’s the truth and I adore it!