A Day in the Life

It's 7:20 AM here in Swedesboro New Jersey and a soft golden glow is hitting the church dome. Two large black birds are perched on the dome, soaking up that gold sun. I can hear all the delivery trucks with their squeaky breaks, bringing bakery and restaurant supplies. Other than those trucks, the street is quiet and calm. There's a little bird chirping sweetly in the trees out front of my apartment building. She sounds like spring even though it's fall. My one cup coffee maker is slowly dripping into my giant “gimme some sugar” mug. This is peace. I haven't felt this sense of peace in a really long time. I am so grateful.

My goal for this year was to unpack my life: All the boxes that I have toted around with me as I healed and searched for a place to call my own. I am so happy to say that I am 85% unpacked. To me, that is more like 85% healed. I still have books at my mom's house, framed artworks at my dad's house and holiday decorations in my storage unit. Once I can get to those things, I will have my whole life unpacked and all in one place. And then, this is the crazy part.... I want to get rid of it all!!

My soul just needed to see these things once more. It was part of a healing method I discussed with my therapist. Unpacking the pain that I had no time to deal with when I was made to leave my happy life in a hurry. And now that I have gotten through the greater part of my possessions, I feel so much peace. Why? Because things are just things. I once put so much weight on them, I had to drag them from stopover to stopover because I think somehow I knew that I needed to see these things once more to say a proper goodbye. My apartment is full of beautiful things and I am surrounded by creativity. It is everything I ever wanted. But if you told me to move-on, I'd grab my cameras and close the door behind me. THAT is how much trauma changes you.

Today I have a head shot session for a young actor. By the time he arrives for his shoot, the sun will be low on Kings Highway and there will be a small town hustle and bustle of Swedesboro NJ going on around us. Just like a Hallmark movie set. Then a few traditional head shots up here in the studio. I have to set up backdrops and get cameras ready. But first, coffee!

We have a lovely little Italian grocery store and restaurant across the way and a liquor store three buildings down. Lol you know I love my wine. There's a bar and restaurant right across the street that has a great atmosphere. But I really do love to cook. I have been more healthy than ever before in my life and I'm not mad about it. (except for that wine) This afternoon I want to make lentil and broccoli salad. It lasts for days and I have a busy week so it's perfect. Then back to editing until it's time for my shoot. After we explore and collect imagery this evening, I'll probably go visit my dad who lives about 10 minutes up the road. And that's about all my tired ass will be able to do!

Ahhhhhh, thanks for coming along on my day with me. Here's a few of the shots we made with young, handsome Shane. What a sweetie! You can see more of him at The Broadway Theater of Pitman NJ.