For the Love of Hallmark Movies

Can I offer you a low stress, low energy, low brain power escape from reality for an hour and a half? We can go to a charming little crime-less town or a tidy un-smelly horse farm or a cozy historic Inn along the seaside... we'll meet handsome men, and end up having the whole town's population cheer us on at our weddings at the end of the week. Lol! You've seen that one? Yea, me too!! Like 100 times and yet I still watch Hallmark movies like mad this time of year. My life was the exact opposite of a Hallmark movie three years ago. So naturally, I dream about having a life where when terrible things happen, barely a tear is shed and everything works out perfectly in the end. Ahhh yes sign me up for that!! I've been able to find the charming little town of my dreams. I am still looking for the rest of the story line, but I am pretty thrilled with the magic I have created so far.

While I am most well known as a NJ family photographer, my next best happy place is branding photo shoots, modeling portfolios and head-shots for New Jersey professionals. Especially since all my settings are basically the perfect backgrounds for Hallmark movies. Eeeeee!

This stunning woman below is not only a super talented photographer from Linwood NJ, she is my dear friend who stuck by my side when I was deathly ill and going through my divorce. She took over my ex husband's good morning texts and she checked in on me every night for months!! I would not have made it through that horrible time if not for her. She is pure GOLD, as you will see in her professional branding and head-shot shoot right here.