Looking for myself….

The other day I drove around South Jersey looking for new locations to shoot some spring photo sessions. I had my music on and I was just looking around at the scenery of where this life has taken me. This month marks 3 years since the worst tragedy of my life knocked the wind out of my lungs… and out of my sails. Unfortunately they say grief has no time limit and so here I am 3 years later still trying to wrap my head around this new life of mine. It’s not so bad… I love having my own place in a great small all American town. I have friends here, neighbors here and best of all, family here too. But something in me is still missing and so… “I am out with lanterns, looking for myself”. 

I just love that line by Emily Dickinson.

Half of my apartment is a home and the other half is my work studio. It’s a little crowded but it’s also super cool to be able to snack on some healthy food or steal a cat nap if I feel like it during the workday lol. ;) The best part of this all is that right inside my door is a photo studio with backdrops and lights and right outside my door is a "living breathing studio" that’s perfect for all kinds of photos. This my awesome neighbor Ana’s daughter. My camera loves her and so do I. Half shot upstairs and half shot right outside our door. How cool is that!