Family Photos with Character

Wow did I have fun breaking the rust off of me lol and my camera for this badass spring photo shoot. You should have seen us watching the radar with a storm headed right at us. But we asked the stars for a minute to create and the stars obliged. Frankie and her family have been friends and clients for more years than I can count. I love that the kids all know me and love hanging out for pics. It’s always more fun than expected. I let the kids come up with ideas and guess what? They turn out more awesome than my own ideas ;) We wanted to share these right away so I didn't get to editing baby's "scratchys", but in a way I kinda love how that's him right now.... <3

Family photo shoots have my heart. I can’t even recall how I went from being nervous about big families to absolutely loving them. I am sure glad family photo sessions have become the biggest part of my business. Now, when parents tell me they just want the kids in the photos, I BEG them to just put on a nice shirt and some lipstick on mom so I can throw them into the photos with the kids. Lol Sorry not sorry!!!! Come join me for a fun family photo adventure. Booking for late spring. :)