I Want Another Fortune Cookie!

I just walked down my sweet Swedesboro street and picked up chicken and broccoli from the local Chinese restaurant, The Great Wall. The street was quiet but still it’s so exciting to look into the glowing windows of the shops and see people inside eating and drinking spirits. The baker walked by me on his way home and we greeted each other as we always do when we see each other. I could hear music coming from the bar at The Red Hen. Despite the chill tonight, the town felt alive to me. I love living the small town Main Street vibe!! I was hoping for some incredible fortune in the cookie that would make this little note complete like, “Everything you ever wished for will be yours tomorrow” but no. It said, “Did you like your meal? Then take one to go too!” Haha Whomp whomp.

Tonight, I would like to throw it back to these branding photos I did for the best pelvic floor therapist ever! Practically Perfect PT. Ahhhhh, Mora and I did these stunning images for her business long before I even knew I’d be living right above the spot where these images were made! (Something to be said about my manifestation skills, eh? Thank you, God.) We traveled less than 10 minutes around Swedesboro NJ and Mullica Hill NJ to create what is one of my favorite branding shoots ever. Not only is Mora the incredible therapist who helped me through my pelvic recovery, but she is the most beautiful person inside and out. And if you can’t see it within these photos then I don’t know what to say… She is just one of my favorite people ever. She glows.


Branding photos quickly became one of my favorite things to do. I absolutely love giving you imagery that speaks volumes for you and your business. Wear what you love, be who you are, and create an online presence with the most dynamic (and FUN!!) imagery for your social media. It’s more than a “head-shot”. But we can do that too! I have a small studio space for quick professional head-shots or you can go big for the full brand session. Everything is delivered digitally so you can plan your content for months of scroll stopping posts. The best way to book is to email me at nicki@imagesbynicki.com. I can’t wait to plan with you!