When You Are 10 Years Old

Man, this life can really take your memories and lock them away in a corner of your mind. We have so much going on in our lives, time moves at an extreme pace and our lives get so busy, we don't even realize that our memories are fading out because of the hustle and bustle of our modern fast-paced everyday lives. There are weeks when a shower is the best I can do and fast food is all the nutrition we are getting until I can come up for air. (this isn't how I planned it to be, nor do I want to continue to feel this way.... but back to my story...) I spent an afternoon with two ten year old girls this spring and it changed me, it opened my eyes and it brought back those memories of being ten years old from a quiet corner of my mind. Since this day, I knew my life had to change. I knew if I didn't make changes, most of my best memories would vanish completely out my mind. At the point this past spring when I met these magical girls, my year was already booked up and I had to make it through the summer and fall before I was going to get the time to write about that day.

I drove an hour to find this farm where two best friends (and their horses) spend most of their time. The farm was spring green. You know the green that looks new, the color of green that had been cooped up all winter long and was ready to explode with brilliant freshness. The day was warm and the air was sweet. I met Scarlet for the first time that afternoon. I was there to capture her Holy Communion milestone. But when you are 10 and your whole life is horses and your best friend, nothing seems right unless your world is right there with you. Her mom had asked if Scarlet's best friend could be in some of the photos with her, to make her feel comfortable. Absolutely! It turned into the best day I had in ages because it completely reminded me that I had a best friend at 10 and we used to be as close as these two are. I hadn't thought about my childhood best friend in ages. It's not something that pops in your head as you are making your way through the rat race of adult life. But seeing these two lovely young girls, took me back to when I was this young and carefree. Everything in this photo shoot was the stuff of dreams. The farm, the horses, the girl's wearing their “ball gowns”. I mean, at that point, I think my imagination went more wild than theirs. They live that dream everyday. I was just there for one afternoon and I wanted to capture for them what it feels like to be a 10 year old girl so they never forget. Realizing that my little girl memories had faded so bad, it made me want to photograph this day in a way that will carve these small but magical moments into their hearts forever. I didn't direct most of these moments. All I did was put them in the best light or prettiest scene and then being best friends at age 10 took over. My eye just took it all in and made art of their afternoon on the farm with their horses. This right here is all I want to do forever. Photographs truly are tickets to go back in time. Everyone needs a handful of these tickets, or life will erase the best memories from our busy minds.

I feel blessed, although overwhelmed right now, I am looking forward to winter hibernation. I never ever say that, I am not a winter person but this year taught me so much, it has made me see that I have changes to make, I have a business to run and a good life to live. I am going to need these few months to rewrite my story and add big success to it!! While so many think that success is shooting hundreds of clients per year, I personally feel success is actually when you can still smile and breathe and live well all while issuing happy “return tickets” to amazing people. Oh, photography is such a part of my soul, I wish everyone could actually see how much I pour into my “art of you.”