The Sweetest Day

I believe in earth-side angels. (like guardian angels but here on earth) There have been a few people in my life lately that have been there on my darkest days. They call to check in on me when I need it most, they have been there for my tears and to walk me through the panic and pain. Y'all know I am incredibly emotional and for me, a simple thank you could never be enough gratitude for what my earth-side angels have done for me. I need to give a piece of my soul back to these genuine human beings who have cared about me along this journey. I will start with “The Sweetest Day”. The woman in these images has been guiding me through these rough days with her kindness, knowledge and big heart. She has given me so much of her time and her heart that the only way I could ever feel like I could show my gratitude is to give back with the one thing I know best, the fine art of stopping time. This was a special project that we planned together. From the wardrobe to location to the cake making, this story was created together as a wholehearted thank you to the best physical therapist, friend, and earth angel I have ever known. Baking and cake decorating holds a special place in this family's history and that 50's vibe suits their unique personalities so well. Cool Scoops Ice Cream Parlor in Wildwood NJ gave us special permission to bring our cake supplies and create a fabulous mommy and me story that allows me to say thank you to her for all that she has done and said to help me heal. It was fun, it was so creative, and it brought me back to my soul for a bit. Thank you to Cool Scoops for being awesome! What an incredible place you have there, we enjoyed our sweetest day with you! Mora, you have no idea how important you have been to my healing process, I cannot thank you enough.

Please be sure to watch this cool movie story and enjoy this special project. I'd love to hear what y'all you think!

Makeup and hair done by Brush on Beauty. Thank you, Brittany!