Sweet Swedesboro NJ

BIG NEWS! Nicole Albertson Photography has a new place to call home! ((Finally))

I have been enjoying the SWEET town of Swedesboro NJ for about a month now. It's dreamy!! I feel like I walk through a Hallmark movie every time I go outside. I am unpacked and ready to go explore! Mullica Hill NJ is right across the pond, and talk about charm! I literally can't be more grateful for this “layover” of my life. It came with a lot of tears and heartache but I am checking off “the storybook home” from my life's bucket list. I once lived in a perfect suburbia where I raised a family, then I lived by the sea, where I grew my business by the waves, and now I walk outside on to a movie set from my dreams!

I am still not quite back to blogging and social media... it's just not my favorite thing anymore. Lol But I am trying!! I know some of you have waited a long time to see your blogs go up. If blogging wasn't so personal and complicated I would hire someone to do all my social media while I just shoot with you guys and edit. Ahhhh...

So, lets go back in time to when I was new here in this neck of the woods. It doesn't hurt at all when one of your favorite friends has a winery 5 minutes from your dad's house. I started shooting there as I was learning the area and looking for new gems around here. This gorgeous high school senior gave my creative soul life. I am so in love with family photography, but I'd also photograph high school seniors all day long! Meet Gillian, isn't she just incredible!

Thank you to my friend Marsha for welcoming us to her vineyard to create these images.