My muse by the seaside

Wow, how is it June 2019 already? I remember about this time last year, I felt something going very wonky with my health. Somehow I managed to work well into the fall before I started seeking help from doctors. And as I feel like I might be starting to finally turn the corner and get some relief, I have a very amazing photography blog story to share. The funny thing about autoimmune diseases, they aren't always an easy fix and I knew I had to take time off in order to heal right. But every second of not chasing the sun hurt my soul more and more each day. I was in a battle, me against my body. My passion for telling stories was raging inside me, but my body didn't want to give me that “medicine” yet. I prayed and I can be honest here, I had not really talked to God much when I was working that ol' rat race. There was just no time left for spirituality when I was working that struggle for a few dollars every day. But I feel different now that I have had time to feel my own life in a slowed-down season. It absolutely confirms to me that the little things are really so incredible. I wasn't sure how sick I was and if I would ever be able to create again, so I prepared for the worst. And you know what? It taught me so much about life and photography and why I am here. I guess I didn't entirely know who I was before I got sick. I wish I didn't have to feel so much pain in order to find my place in the world but I am thankful for the lessons I learned. I am not 100% or even close to being completely healthy, but my daughter came home from Pittsburgh after a long year of being away at school and I knew, even if I had to crawl, I would capture her at 20 years old. I have her whole life's story in pictures. The last time I photographed her, she was moving away for school so it has been a while. She loves the water. I always want to see her by the sea. They say saltwater heals everything. So I knew the exact story I would chase with her. And by “chase” I mean hobble, wobble and crawl. But I did it, my first location shoot in months! It felt so good in my creative soul to be shooting again. I was thinking about maybe offering these boat sessions if anyone might be dreaming of a story like this??? Anyhow, I know she's all grown up at 20 years old, but here's my “baby”. Parents, they grow up so much faster than you'll ever believe. I am just so glad I am starting to feel a little more like myself so I can capture more of everything.