Glowing Maternity Photos

There was a blip in my world that came before covid but after my divorce and illness. It was the rebuilding of my business and it was going marvelously. I was shooting in exciting locations around my new area of New Jersey and making such extraordinary imagery, it felt so nice after all the trauma and bullshit. I was on a roll…. a submarine roll apparently, because right after that blip, I sank. The world shut down. I couldn’t find an apartment because no one was moving out. No one was working, even weddings were being canceled or postponed. I was stuck at my dad’s house alone and in my head. It was terrible.


Since the world was stopped, I decided to save the imagery I created before covid for when we were nearing the end of the shut down. That was supposed to be only a few weeks… Well that went out the window. And somehow when the world finally opened up, I started shooting and never resumed my social media. Meh… I am not really a fan of it these days. You won’t see me doing any silly dances or skits. Lol seriously, nope. But I DO want to share some of the fun I had with my clients before and after covid. So if you’ll forgive me for my lacking social media skills and just enjoy the work I have to share, I would be quite thrilled and most thankful. 

I went to visit this truly glowing mama-to-be on her childhood street and parent’s farm. It was such a stunning day, we took some time to explore with their pups around the family farm and then took a walk down the street to a neighbor’s tree farm. I had such an amazing time shooting somewhere as exciting as this, with two adorably charming parents-to-be. Dang, I cannot wait to do more of this!!