Hello New Jersey!

I recently spent some time sitting on a bench in the airport pick up line. A loud, dreary, fuel-smelling giant covered corridor at the Philadelphia airport. And it was one of the most wonderful things I’ve seen. My plane arrived earlier than expected and it was a “warm” 50 degrees in Philly for January, so I decided to wait outside on a bench for my ride. I watched so many cars pull up and not one of the drivers sat still in their seats. Each and every one got out and ran towards the people they were picking up. I saw the most beautiful, genuine emotions, heartfelt smiles and deep happy hugs. Airports are soulful even though they are such a utilitarian place, I am enamored with the fact that in all of this crazy world, airports have some of the most real emotions that humans have to offer. I could have watched that spectacle all day. It was honestly validating for me as a photographer because those are the moments that should be captured and shared with the world. Being a voyeur at the airport for that short time was so inspiring to me, my faith in humanity was restored for a few moments. I sat on that bench unable to hide my smiles for each and every person who got to hug a loved one, and after-while, I had to fight the urge to clap as if I was watching the end of an excellent Broadway show from the front row. 

I was visiting my grand baby for a few weeks and I saw the sun shine all of three days in Ohio. And when that happens, it only gives me the desire to shoot more! It makes me crave the better weather and get excited about the spring ahead. Now that I am settled back home, I have been pulling out past sessions and prepping them for sharing. I moved three times in two and a half years so, social media was the first thing to be put on the back burner. Luckily I was able to keep shooting, but social media is a full time job in and of itself. UGHHH. It had to go or the stress would have taken me out!! I am still not the biggest fan, but I invested in myself to be mobile and bought a MacBook Pro! Now I can write and share from coffee shops and park benches or anywhere I darn well feel like! ;) 

For this blog, let’s go wayyy back to this spring session shot around Hammonton NJ. It was the perfect halfway-ish point between my new town of Swedesboro NJ and my OCNJ beach clients. Looking at the lush greenery makes me giddy for spring! And the word stunning doesn’t even cover the beauty of these two very incredible friends of mine.