Lehigh Valley

Even though my friend Jamie and I have loads of editing and artwork to deliver, we took one day out of the busy season to do a passion project for our souls. The day before this, we both were out on location with clients in tee shirts on an unseasonably warm November day. But on our day, the weather tanked and went well below the normal. We took a trip to Lehigh Valley so we were up in the mountains of PA, and it was bone chilling!! Don't let that glorious sunshine fool you, we were shivering. Which leads me to what I learned as I lost all feeling in my fingers on the side of that beautiful mountain. I NEED TO MOVE TO AN ISLAND!! lol! I was so cold my brain left my body. I couldn't think anymore, there was light and wind and a gorgeous dress, but I was a complete frozen vegetable. The cold weather just took my brain and pureed it into slush. There was so much more I wanted to create but I couldn't keep shooting no matter how much I wanted to. The trip was worth it, and I'd go back again on a warm day. I am so in love with the imagery I was able to create with Jamie on that mountain. And I learned that I am NOT a cold weather girl at all. Hahaha