A Smooth Sea, A New Me

The adage goes, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” And I have learned this head-on in my life, especially this year and last. Life is a beautiful voyage and I have loved the port of calls I have explored so far. I will always miss my beautiful ocean, and I will be back one day, but for the now, Nicole Albertson Photography has moved her home-base to Gloucester County NJ.... I am waiting on the wind to whisper to me my next harbor.

My friend, the fabulously talented Jamie of Jamie Meile photography helped me to say goodbye to all the pain from my last port and say hello to what is waiting in the fair winds for me! There are so many people I want to thank for being such a big part of my healing and soul work. You know who you are and I can't love you more. I am grateful, I am humbled and I am in debt to your kindness and love.

Photography has always been a medicine for me, I never want to say to say goodbye to this phenomenal job. Having the super power to stop time for people is pure magic. It is a gift I am forever thankful for. Whether or not I am by the sea or on a farm or even in another state, I know that LIGHT will always guide me home.

We set sail this spring with a grand reopening! Find your key, unlock your love with me! While I no longer have a studio, I am excited to bring my vision to life once again. I am in awe of my new locations and new found SOUL FOCUS.


My dresses are from AYA sacred wear and VICI.

My necklace is a hummingbird skull symbolizing all that I loved that was taken from me.

The feathers represent my land in New Mexico that I unfortunately sold believing that I had a home with him forever.

The tropical plants are my way of returning to the exotic places that made my heart beat.

The chains represent domestic abuse and covert abuse.

The key unlocks new love.

The journal is my story, one that I will never forget.