My Little Shrine

Seven days into January. One week of the new year is already through. I picked up my camera today after the snow had created a bright reflector, shining a soft white light into my room. I've been packing my things for months.... and then unpacking my things because I can't stand to feel like I am not at home. I have been looking for my next house for over a year now. And these crazy times have created the “perfect-storm” for anyone looking for a home on a budget. Limbo has become my life. I am learning to deal with it for now. But I have big plans for my business once I can unpack my studio.

This is my bedroom. It's my temporary sanctuary, my shrine. It's where I write, read, learn and pray. It's where I create and dream. As my first January project, before I blog several years worth of imagery, I thought I'd share my room at my brother's house with y'all. This is where I ended up after my life's landslide. This is the raw, unkempt natural state of things right now in my world. Cobwebs on my old boots, walls that need to be painted, clothes and bags everywhere. “As-is”

Talk soon, my friends.