Let's do this!

When I rebuilt my website, I renamed my blog to “journal”. I had hopes of documenting the daily happenings of my photography, my clients and my life. And then everything went south. Fresh out of a divorce and straight into quarantine after moving an hour away from where all my clients were. Yikes. To say I experienced depression is putting it lightly. The choice words that come to mind are bewilderment, devastation, lost, scared, alone, sad, worried.... ugh it was brutal. I fought my way through that mess and then I moved again.

I worked all last summer and fall until the weather gave out. And here I am..... been staring at this "journal" of mine for a hot minute. So many photo sessions not shared. So many great days I let slip away because I was not ready to bring words out of my mind yet. I don't know why of all the things to get, I got writer's block. I used to love to write. My soul was too shattered to even care about talking let alone writing. And I am sorry for kinda dropping off the face of the earth, but it was something I needed to do.

I wanted to ask y'all if you'd mind if I try this thing again? Can I take a minute to reintroduce myself? I've been learning how to be divorced during a pandemic. It's been a life changing two years but I want to be behind the camera again. I'd like to restart my business publicly, not just behind the scenes, and start booking again for this spring and summer. What do y'all think? While I am no longer at the beach, I will always treasure the hop, skip and jump I once had to our little paradise in New Jersey. No worries though, I have been an explorer here around Mullica Hill NJ and I am falling in love with what I have found.

Shared below is the very first shoot I did when I moved here. I found the most amazing garden center around the corner from my dad's house in Clarksboro NJ. I still go there as often as possible, they've got charm all year long. And they are so kind to me, thank you, Platt's Farm Market!! This past fall they even had a gourde tunnel, so cool....

I have since seen this awesome family a few more times, but being the first session as a single gal and in a new town, this particular session has a special meaning to me. The guitar you'll see in some of the photos is a keepsake from my client's late father. We did this as a tribute to him as well as for the children to have a pretty cool way of remembering their pop-pop. Ugh my heart.... I can't love this job more.