Love and Cameras | Mullica Hill Family Photographer

I have been standing in front of this blank page for days. In all my life have never been so empty of words. Part of being a photographer is your ability to write about your experiences with clients. Shooting comes easy for me, but this writer's block is weighing heavy on me. I have had quite a few traumatic years and I know the PTSD is a contributing factor in this withdraw from writing and being on social media. But I woke up this morning determined to at least get something out there to explain my absence and let everyone know I am still here ready to shoot. When I had to move, I “hoarded” my favorite sessions to be blogged when I got settled in my new life. And then... covid happened. And then I moved twice. And then I decided that Florida was calling me so I waited to write and blog until I had a plan. Well, the pressure of needing a plan made things even worse so I decided to just sit back and let God guide me to my next port. I am currently still in New Jersey for the summer, so if you want to go on an adventure with me please reach out. I am still shooting and I promise to write about it, even if it isn't my usual free flowing musings, I will share our story.

You'll see these sweet girls all over my website, they are some of my best clients ever. Sweet as sugar!! They live farther away now that I have had to move, but we met in the middle and made these magical little minutes together. I am so lucky that I get to see this family grow. I am so lucky that all I need in life is love and cameras!