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Hi, it's me, your long lost photographer and memory keeper

February 02, 2018

Hello, friends. I have a little personal post today. Last night I slept for about 6 hours. It's the longest I have slept since May of last year. And today I drove myself to CVS and picked up my vertigo meds by myself. You guys, it has been TOUGH to be me. I am sure that all of you who follow me have noticed a huge difference in my presence online and with social media. You aren't imagining it, I have indeed fallen off the face of the earth. This week, I have some news. We may have figured out the reason for the relentless vertigo I have been plagued with. It turns out that I have degenerative disc disease. They found a bulging disc in my neck rather high on my spine. And there's a good chance the weak discs in my neck are causing the vertigo to be so relentless. (Cervicogenic dizziness) After all the treatments and medicines with no results, I pray that this an answer to my madness. I am so ready to get back to finding love in everything I do. I had been feeling hopeless and worried for a while there but today I kinda feel a little hope. If physical therapy strengthens my neck and back, and the dizzy spells can cease to exist, then there will be no stopping us from making beautiful art from our minutes in time. I have missed being me. I have hated this journey of losing myself. “Health is wealth” there's no truer statement for me right now. Thanks for sticking around. You know I love you because I wouldn't even be me without you all.

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